Creative Writing

Pic: Martin Phox

Stories are my passion. Stories that move people, stories that show a new perspective or stories that inspire. I believe that it is through stories that we learn and make sense of the world. Stories allow us to view the world from someone else’s eyes; they teach us compassion and understanding.

Short Story Collection

Valerie is caught, Brigit is excited and Lisbeth maybe not so perfect after all. Andi dares it, Herbert surely won’t stay and Klaus suddenly gets compliments. Life is love. And love is hoping, wishing, doubting and sometimes daring. Join 12 people for a year as they stumble, fail and create. “Mondlichtblick” is a round of everyday stories to immerse yourself in and empathise with. Because we experience the world best in feelings.

The small book “Mondlichtblick” can he bought here.

Life Writing

Since summer 2019, I am writing in German and English about the wonders of everyday life in my blog “Und dann beginnt das Leben” (“And then, life begins”).

Short Story Competition

In 2020, my short story “Im Rausch” made third place in the Carinthian short story competition “Mölltaler Geschichtenwettbewerb”.

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